Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Slap for 15 paise

This incident was happened On my schooldays.When i was studying on 7th standard i use to go to my school by walk. At the time my parents didn't offer any pocket money for me.

One fine day i was woken up from the bed little delay. That time i had a habit of go to school by bus if i miss my regular time. That day i got permission to go to school by bus from my mom. She gave me One rupee coin (Bus ticket is 60 paise) and i ask the permission to take the extra 40 paise for my expense obviously she allowed.
At that time a flash on my mind (why don't we spend whole One rupee?), I started activating the idea. I ran to school and enjoyed with the One rupee coin by purchased some snacks which i liked. As usual i return back to home in the evening.

My parents are asking the accounts for the amount which has given by them in the morning (One rupee). I already prepared for this. so i started explaining for the expense like 60 paise for Bus Ticket, and three honey toffee 15 paise, (which has sold for 5 paise) and finally the groundnut burfi 25 paise before completing this statement my father angerly slapped. I was shocked and i don't know why he is beating me. He given the gap between beating and he told the Minimum Ticket price has hiked by 15paise. that is i have told 60 paise instead of 75 paise, still this incident was unforgettable for me...