Monday, February 16, 2009

Valentinesday special

I have seen the Movie with my fiancee on 14th February 2009 (Valentines day). I was so much excited when I saw the movie with my fiancee. This is the first time to watch movie with my fiancée. And the movie is little old but very nice. Story narration and everything was fine (a comedy story too).

Name of the Movie : Nala Thamayanthi (Tamil)

The only difference we have made in this event is: I saw the movie at my home and she saw the same movie at her home.

Courtesy : K TV

Note : எப்படி இருந்த நான் ; இப்படி ஆயிட்டேன்

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Sorry...! I'm engaged

Today I have changed the Gtalk status message in to "Sorry...! I'm engaged" Because ...

Today morning around 6am i have woken up from the bed...(True)
Around 7am i have started from the room to Ravi uncle house, then we started from uncles's home to Vadapalani around 7.15am. we reached - - - home around 8am...

with in 10 to 15 mins all the formalities over with sweet, karam, coffee, sojji and bajji. (sojji and bajji missing)

Secret : Today all the shops are closed in our area. so I planned if they offer any food, i prepared to ask the lunch parcel from her home. My bad luck they didn't offer any think for breakfast.How do i ask Lunch?!!!...